To a Locomotive in Winter

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Diesel experiences are also available. Click here for details. Begin your engineer experience by studying the safety training materials that our regular and volunteer crews learn from download here.

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There will be a test on the basics, but we are there to help you all the way through. It is then time to head down to the century-old Enginehouse and help prepare your locomotive for the day. Climb into the cab, and learn how to operate the iron horse. Your mentor engineer will show you the ropes as we move the locomotive out of the engine house, through the yard, and onto the original NNRY mainline.

It's then your turn! Climb up into the engineer's seat and receive personal instructions from your mentor engineer on controlling the throttle and brake. Once the basics are under your belt, the moment comes for you to sound the whistle, have your hand on the throttle, and head up the mainline toward the mines.

You will be going through two tunnels and climb over 2. Up toward the end of the line there is a wye. We will turn the locomotive then head back down to Ely, gaining hands-on experience with controlling a locomotive on a mountain grade. This is real standard-gauge main-line mountain railroading on America's best-preserved railroad. You are at the throttle. You are the engineer.

You are running a steam locomotive. There are several options available. You can take control of one of the vintage steam locomotives, or one of the vintage diesel locomotives , or operate both. Most people come and take the locomotive out without a train attached.

To a Locomotive in Winter

It is an easier way to start, and requires less training. Taking the locomotive out with a complete train adds the additional skill of controlling a train on our mountain grades. You may find that it is easier to get the train up a grade than to bring it safely back down. Early in your trip you will begin to appreciate the genius of the Westinghouse Air Brake system, its complexities and limitations for mountain grades - especially on steam locomotives since they do not have dynamic brakes. You will also learn the "technical" term for using up all of your braking capacity by applying and releasing your train brakes too often coming down the mountain grade.

So what are you waiting for? You can have a hands-on experience with railroading in the last century. Make your appointment with history. Use the calendar below to pick your date, or call and book your locomotive rental or train rental today at STEAM You can operate a steam engine!

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You can drive a steam locomotive! What would be a greater holiday, birthday, or special gift than being at the throttle of one of our engines for a real engineer experience? You can buy an "open ticket" as a gift and select the exact date later. NOTE: Participants must be able to climb up to the cab unassisted. Due to the harsh environment in locomotive cabs, no medical devices or assistance, such as oxygen, is possible.

Requires sturdy closed-toed shoes, gloves, a long sleeve shirt and pants, all made from all-natural material cotton, wool, leather - no synthetics, vinyl, or rubber except boot soles. One rider, 12 years or older, may ride along in the cab at no additional cost. Engine availability is subject to a variety of both controlled and uncontrolled circumstances. Both steam locomotives are over a century old and even the "new" diesels are a half-century old. It is very rare, but possible, that circumstances may require delays, substitutions, or rescheduling.

How I wish he was still with us to see this opportunity. As it is, I am saving my quarters so I can be the Engineer. Praying that it is soon. What a unique and wonderful experience to Be The Engineer. I have been a rail enthusiast all my life and operating a steam locomotive was a childhood dream. If you like steam power, or diesel locomotives, you will not regret doing this. All the folks at the NN were super nice, without exception, and made you welcomed and at ease, even Dirt the Cat.

I will be back. So glad that you came and enjoyed it. We will pass your comments on to the entire staff, including Dirt the Cat :. We drove two days to get there but the experience was worth every minute. Drove 93 with a four car train and gained a whole new level of respect for the people who drive mile long trains over the mountains. So Henry, Con and Chris, thanks again for your patience as you explained all the preparations for the ride and a most wonderful experience.

Thank you for coming up to Ely and being part of the Be the Engineer experience. We are glad that you had a great time, and will pass your comments on to the crew. Nevada Northern Railway.

To a Locomotive in Winter

Overnight in the Yard Yes, you can spend a night or two here in the museum. Caboose Overnight Bunkhouse. How to get here Hours and Address When do the trains run? About the NNRY. Sign up for our email newsletter here: It's the best way to keep informed! Come, experience it this year.

It's nice up here, isn't it?

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From now on, it will always be more than just a dream WHEN: By reservation, so make plans in advance. Read hundreds of TripAdvisor reviews about us. Add Comment. Please enter the link of the image. Please enter the link of the video. Comments 32 New. Becky Hughes. Posts: 1. Doug Peters.

Berry L Scruggs. Admin: Thank you for coming up to Ely and being part of the Be the Engineer experience. Peter Whitford. Peter Whitford Adelaide Australia says Absolutely fabulous experience. Came to Ely specifically for my 60th birthday on August 15, ,and drove Locomotive 40, coupled to three mining hopper cars and a Kennecott caboose. Great experience and I urge others to visit this marvelous facility. Makes you appreciate how the drivers of the large freight trains battled with their locomotive to cross mountain ranges etc.

I thank all at Ely for preserving these fine pieces of machinery for the youth of today to see, feel and smell. Admin: Peter, thank you for the note, and for coming half-way around the world to be at the throttle of Locomotive 40 for your trip "Up the Hill" and back. Steve Annis. Steve Annis Bakersfield CA says I have been a dedicated train enthusiast since I was old enough to walk. Operating a steam locomotive has been a lifelong dream that was fulfilled at the NNRY in October , thanks to a gift certificate purchased for my 70th birthday by the incredible people I work with.

Everyone at the NNRY was wonderful, friendly and inviting. Thank you for making such an experience possible. Ray Thompson. I did the adventure after hearing about it on TV. What an experience. I went in September I was able to cross an item off my bucket list. Staff was friendly and accommodating. Last part of the trip I was basically on my own as the engineer sat down on chest behind me and just watched. I was surprised how rough the engine actually rides on the track. Met a train buff with a camera and he offered to take pictures on the route while I was operating the engine.

Money well spent.

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Highly recommended. Glenn Griffin.

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Posts: 2. Glenn Griffin San Jose says What an absolutely terrific experience!

To a Locomotive in Winter To a Locomotive in Winter
To a Locomotive in Winter To a Locomotive in Winter
To a Locomotive in Winter To a Locomotive in Winter
To a Locomotive in Winter To a Locomotive in Winter
To a Locomotive in Winter To a Locomotive in Winter
To a Locomotive in Winter To a Locomotive in Winter
To a Locomotive in Winter To a Locomotive in Winter

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