The Unbroken Piece (Collection Book 1)

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Unbroken: Path to Redemption - Wikipedia

Retrieved September 11, Unbroken: Path to Redemption Beginning where the hit movie Unbroken concludes, the next chapter brings the rest of Louis Zamperini's inspirational true story to life. Haunted by his past, he is driven deep into despair. But when Cynthia turns to God at the Billy Graham Crusade, her most fervent prayer for Louis is to find peace and forgiveness. This product is also listed in the following departments: New for department under New DVDs for To order by phone - pm Monday to Friday. Site Navigation Christmas Store. Christmas Store.

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How did these letters change your perspective on Unbroken? LH: Many, if not most, veterans and former POWs came home with overwhelming emotional wounds, and many never recovered.

Among Pacific POWs, post-traumatic stress disorder was almost ubiquitous. A quarter of them became alcoholics, and some drank themselves to death. Many suffered from rage, anxiety, and depression; others isolated themselves. Some committed suicide. Louie, lost in alcoholism, rage, anxiety, nightmares, and flashbacks, was sadly typical.

For many men, the horrors they had experienced were too painful to articulate. Some wept as they shared memories that were, even after more than seventy years, still searingly painful. The wife of one former POW told me that memories of the war were such a torment to her husband that after he discussed it with anyone he needed three weeks to regain his emotional equilibrium. The residual pain of the war took an enormous toll not only on the veterans, but on their loved ones. Many have spent their lives trying to understand the troubled minds of these men.

Many suffered terribly from the damage the war did to their relationships—a husband who was distant and brooding, an uncle prone to violent outbursts, a father who drank, a grandfather who was irretrievably sad. Over and over, their messages express compassion, newfound understanding, and, often, forgiveness.

Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption

Reading these notes, which sometimes leave me in tears, is deeply gratifying. I loved him so much and tried so hard to save him but I could not. His disease killed him 36 years ago. I have seen all the war movies and all the documentaries but until I read your book I had no idea what my father must have endured.

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Maybe now I can finally forgive him and myself for what I could never begin to understand. He never wanted to talk about it. I feel that through Mr. Zamperini, he finally opened up and I am in awe. As with most of the Greatest Generation he would not speak of his captivity. I thank you so much for the legacy you have given to my family and the world.

Ray Jones nephew of Charlie R. Jones, Army sergeant Thank you to Louie and to Laura for bringing this story to light for those of us who have never heard it from our fathers. It shook me to my soul and will stay with me for a very long time. What are the lessons that his life offers to all of us? In these experiences, did he already display attributes that would help him survive his wartime ordeal? Did he also show weaknesses or tendencies that foreshadowed the struggles he would face postwar?

Louie was especially close to his brother, Pete, who devoted himself to him. Does Pete deserve credit for shaping Louie into a man who could endure and survive his Odyssean ordeal? Men faced a 50 percent chance of being killed during combat tours of only 30 to 40 missions. Were you aware of the dangers faced by airmen in the Pacific war? What facts and stories were most surprising to you? What are your feelings about Mac?

Do you feel sympathy for him? If you endured the trauma of a plane crash and were placed in a situation that you knew very few men survived, might you have reacted as he did? In the end, do you think he redeemed himself?

Unbroken Chapters 1 & 2

When Louie, Phil, and Mac were on the raft, a key factor in their survival was optimism. All three men were young and able-bodied, veterans of the same training, experiencing the same hardships and traumas, yet Louie and Phil remained optimistic while Mac was hopeless, seemingly doomed by his pessimism. Why are some people hopeful and others not? After more than forty-seven days on the raft, the men lost half their body weight and were rendered mere skeletons. Yet they refused to consider cannibalism, which had not been uncommon among castaways before them.

Would you, in the same situation, ever consider cannibalism? If it could ensure that two men survived, when otherwise all three would almost certainly perish, would it be a moral decision? Louie believed he was the beneficiary of several miracles, among them his escape from the wreckage of his plane, the fact that he and the other men were not hit with bullets when their rafts were strafed, and the appearance of the singers in the clouds. What is your interpretation of those experiences? The POWs took enormous risks to carry out thefts, sabotage, and other acts of defiance.

Men would risk their lives to steal items as trivial as pencil boxes. What benefit did they derive from defiance that was worth risking death, or severe beatings? In the s and s, Germany and Japan carried out what are arguably among the worst acts of mass atrocity in history. What leads individuals, and even whole societies, to descend to such a level? Do you think we all carry the capacity for cruelty?

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After the war, Louie would say that of all the horrors he witnessed and experienced in the war, the death of the little duck, Gaga, was the worst. Why was this event especially wrenching for him and the other POWs?

The Unbroken Piece (Collection Book 1)
The Unbroken Piece (Collection Book 1)
The Unbroken Piece (Collection Book 1)
The Unbroken Piece (Collection Book 1)
The Unbroken Piece (Collection Book 1)
The Unbroken Piece (Collection Book 1)
The Unbroken Piece (Collection Book 1)
The Unbroken Piece (Collection Book 1)
The Unbroken Piece (Collection Book 1)

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