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by Scott Baker

The effect of this marriage of knowledge, computers, robotics, and shipbuilding skills meant the Japanese could build better quality, more reliable, lower priced ships, which were delivered on time. Ship owners were tired of buying poor quality, unreliable, overpriced ships, which might or might not be delivered on time, so they began buying ships built in Japan.

The consequence of this knowledge shift was that both England and the United States lost their shipbuilding industries, up to two million jobs and hundreds-of-billions of dollars. It takes this esteem, this probity, this maintaining of personal integrity, to keep knowledge pure and true. In the example of the transfer of ten million dollars from the bank in New York to its branch in London, if the London branch did not honor the New York bank, the transfer would be put on hold until actual cash arrived. Without truth, all one has are falsehoods and suppositions, which are lies.

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Lies create unknowns, the province of ignorance. Again, if the New York bank were known to lie in its transactions, the London bank would be afraid to act and would wait until the transfer was verified.

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Reality is what exists because its existence is agreed upon. If someone does not agree that something exists, it does not exist for that person. Since true knowledge is the same no matter who owns it, it creates the basis for agreement which, when agreed upon, creates reality. The New York and London banks both must agree and have the reality that each entity exists and is capable of performing as promised.

One must show consideration and appreciation for all or duplication of what is there will be blocked and acquisition and retention of knowledge will be distorted. The American and English shipbuilders already had lost the respect of buyers and operators of ships as to the quality and reliability of their products and their promises of prompt delivery.

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  • When the Japanese produced a superior product on time, the ship buyers transferred their respect and the Japanese received their purchase orders. The application by the Japanese of superior knowledge and precision to the building of ships led to a much faster, therefore more economical, way to produce quality-built ships. If what is transferred between sender and receiver creates win-lose, it was not knowledge but half-truths and lies. True knowledge benefits all concerned. The ship owners won because their ships were more reliable, more cost-efficient to operate and more predictable.

    The customer won lower costs and better prediction of schedules. The shipbuilder won because of higher profits and more satisfied customers. Thus, those with the knowledge won. A position is a place or location, the way something is placed, a mental point of view, a situation relative to the circumstances, a social status, a job or role, or a principle or proposition put forward. Knowledge can create any or all of these things for the knower. It also requires that the knower hold one or more of these as a place from which to receive, use, and disseminate knowledge.

    The application of superior knowledge catapulted Japan to the number one position in shipbuilding. With knowledge, one is able to perceive, identify, and acknowledge the validity of the knowledge. To retain the knowledge, one must give it this recognition. The positive win-win of the Japanese shipbuilding caused everyone who needed ships to recognize the superiority of the knowledge being applied.

    One must avow or admit the existence, reality or truth of knowledge in order to retain it, and having knowledge allows one to do this. Literacy is not just the ability to read and write, it is the state of being well informed and educated. In order for the ship owners and their customers to utilize the application of knowledge to the Japanese shipbuilding industry, the ship owners and customers had to learn this new knowledge. When one has full knowledge in an area, he is qualified to perform in that area and capable of doing so.

    This is competence. The new shipbuilding knowledge created thousands of new jobs, increased competence and vastly increased performance. One must be able to receive knowledge in order to acquire it, and when one knows about something, it is easier to focus attention needed to gain further knowledge about it.

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    The shipbuilders in the U. Thus the Japanese could acquire and utilize the new knowledge and, with it, take over the whole shipbuilding industry. Knowledge gives one something to talk about, which in turn brings about an exchange and increase of knowledge. The ship owners had to sit up and pay attention to the competitors and their vastly improved fleets taking away their business.

    One must be truthful and genuine with knowledge or it becomes lies and deception, which are the opposite of knowledge.

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    • By constantly producing high quality, reliable, cost-effective products, the Japanese were able to deliver what they promised, so ship owners and clients were able to deliver what they promised. To attain and relay knowledge, one must be in the same place at the same time as the knowledge. The more knowledge one has, the more accurate one is in being in the same place at the same time as the knowledge. When one truly has acquired knowledge, one gains the ability to perform with it, and in this performance one validates the knowledge one has and sees where more knowledge is needed.

      With knowledge, one can lay out the detailed programs and methods needed to accomplish what one wants, which in turns leads to the necessity to acquire more knowledge. Basic to the Japanese rise to power in the ship building industry were the computer aided designs programmed into the robotics used in the cutting and welding procedures. A process is a series of actions, changes, or functions that produces an outcome or product. It takes knowledge of the actions, changes, or functions to perform them.

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      By working smart and programming every step of the shipbuilding process, the Japanese were able to minimize errors and waste of time, money, materials, and equipment. When one knows about something, one can envision or picture it.

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      When one can envision something, one has a reference point to use in collecting further knowledge. Part of the shipbuilding program was envisioning each part of the ship and how to handle it before one piece was put in place. In order to know something, one must be able to embrace it, grasp it mentally, and understand it fully. This brings about comprehension.

      Learning is the action of studying and experiencing to gain knowledge. The first step is to know what one needs to learn; the second step is learning it. When one knows of something, he is able to study it. The more one knows of something, the more conscious or aware of it he becomes. Problems are always solved successfully by the increase and advancement of knowledge. Therefore, the greater the problem, the more numerous the unknowns, lies, and misconceptions. When advancing knowledge solves old problems, a great deal of change takes place.

      That change creates a new problem, namely, how to handle this new problem. The best use of knowledge is in the betterment of self and others. Knowledge not fully owned and used will be forgotten, lost, or useless. The operating procedure of ignorance is subjugation, taking away, harming, and blocking, stopping, or entering conflicting purposes.

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      Therefore, knowledge demands support and contribution toward the common purpose. Knowledge gives one the wherewithal to establish moral and ethical standards, judgments, or principles. One must maintain these standards and judgments in order to acquire and make use of, thus retain, the knowledge. With knowledge, one knows what does or can exist and what is truly wanted, thus one can have dreams and goals to pursue. Without pursuit of dreams and goals, knowledge has no purpose. Increased awareness, abilities, comprehension, and skills are all the result of knowledge, and are the basis of improvement.

      In addition to adherence to a code of behavior, integrity means the state of being sound, complete, or whole. Knowledge gives one the ability to have complete or whole understanding of something. Both faced dangers, from known and unknown sources, which could come at them from any direction. The Rule of Knowledge is a thrilling, action-packed, fast-paced read; full of car chases, shooting guns, explosions, and even disguises.

      I was pleasantly surprise with 2 factors: time travel and the favourable lean towards Christianity.

      The Rule of Knowledge

      I love my time travel stories and I had no idea this was one! It is I who do not understand in the same way a dog does not understand where or why its master goes away every day, needing to work to pay for the food he comes home to provide. Understanding changes. Knowledge changes, but men were killed for claiming so because the people did not understand. It is the understanding that changes, not the thing. I cannot answer that for you; it is no my place to. Each of us must come to our own conclusion. Why was it so hard to, believe? Did he want there to be nothing beyond what he could understand?

      Did he want there to not be some sort of God? He examined himself and realised that he had shut himself off to even the possibility for one simple reason; it meant that he was wrong. It is, I found, dissimilar aside from the time travelling bit in the attitude towards Christianity. I was very conscious, in reading Da Vinci Code, of all the kerfuffle it has induced in the world —and therefore noted the somewhat antagonistic view of Christianity where the Vatican was basically just evil.

      In The Rule of Knowledge , the Vatican has the truly faithful and the power hungry; whilst not perfect, it seems balanced. There were other factors as well which makes me wonder whether the author himself is a believer. This book is highly recommended to those seeking a fast paced book with mysteries, pieces of history and bits of time travel thrown in. I, myself, am hoping for more of the kind from the author. Aug 01, Jacques Hollands rated it really liked it.

      I thoroughly enjoyed this book and gave it 4 stars. The only reason I didn't give it more was that although this book has a nice pace to it, I have become increasingly smitten by the pace of Matthew Reilly's books Now there is someone who really should start writing a new Jack West novel again.

      The Rule of Knowledge The Rule of Knowledge
      The Rule of Knowledge The Rule of Knowledge
      The Rule of Knowledge The Rule of Knowledge
      The Rule of Knowledge The Rule of Knowledge
      The Rule of Knowledge The Rule of Knowledge
      The Rule of Knowledge The Rule of Knowledge
      The Rule of Knowledge The Rule of Knowledge
      The Rule of Knowledge The Rule of Knowledge
      The Rule of Knowledge

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