Shame and Guilt: Origins of World Cultures

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Our Distinguishing Criteria As discussed so far, shame and guilt do not seem to be distinguishable from each other according to such criteria as the kinds of fault that elicit these emotions, their action tendencies, and their adaptive versus maladaptive implications. Acknowledgments We wish to thank two anonymous reviewers for their valuable and helpful comments and suggestions. References Argyle, M. Social interaction. Abingdon, United Kingdom: Routledge. Relationships between shame and guilt in the socializing process.

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Are emotions natural kinds? Perspectives on Psychological Science , 1 , 28— The altruism question: Toward a social-psychological answer.

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Nabataean Religion: Honor and Shame

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Understanding Guilt, Shame, and Fear Cultures

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Guilt Matters?

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Shame and Guilt: Origins of World Cultures Shame and Guilt: Origins of World Cultures
Shame and Guilt: Origins of World Cultures Shame and Guilt: Origins of World Cultures
Shame and Guilt: Origins of World Cultures Shame and Guilt: Origins of World Cultures
Shame and Guilt: Origins of World Cultures Shame and Guilt: Origins of World Cultures
Shame and Guilt: Origins of World Cultures Shame and Guilt: Origins of World Cultures
Shame and Guilt: Origins of World Cultures Shame and Guilt: Origins of World Cultures

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