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He said: He regularly heaped scorn on the Jews in public pronouncements and saddled them with legal restrictions unless they choose to convert. Pagans, whose sacrifices he found particularly repugnant, he also hemmed in by restricting their modes of divination, confiscating their temple treasuries, and even destroying some of their places of worship. See also Noel Lenski ed. On the other hand, religious compulsion in the Christendom within Yoruba land also has its history.

Scholars in the field of church history captured events and situations which plunged the Christian race in Yoruba land into a history noted for religious compulsion. In the Church today, most of these agents of religious compulsion occupied position of repute and like Constantine were able to impose certain biblical doctrines and unbiblical traditions on the church members.

This research, in the section on background to the study, has said that religious interaction becomes inevitable when two religions come in contact and interact, such situation soon leads into one religion attempting to exercise control over the other 26 Joseph Kenny, O. There was religious interaction among African traditional religion, Christianity and Islam which led into each religion drawing boundary for its adherents.

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A good image of such situation was when the missionaries attempted to subjugate Africans by dissuading African Church members to forsake their traditional culture for the European culture. People should be free to join any religious assembly and they should be free to leave the church if they wish.

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Many of the disgruntled Africans were polygamous and wanted to remain so and by virtue of this many of them were exempted from baptism, prevented from partaking in the Holy Communion and denied Christian burial. On the other hand, no church which retained its connection with European missionary founders will celebrate marriage for anyone who is already married to another person than the one with whom he seeks the rite. To be, or to become a polygamist bars a person from church membership… insistence on a right to contract polygamous marriages is responsible for most disciplinary expulsions from the churches, and for setting up of independent local churches.

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  4. A single person can carry out compulsive acts. Loko called out the names of ten well-known polygamists from Ereko church for possible indictment which he promised to make known shortly. With the support of his superior minister, the Rev. Griffin, Chairman of the Lagos District, Rev. Loko announced to the House that the names of the ten men had been expunged from the church membership. Almost instantly fifty-five other self-confessed polygamists stood up and asked for their own judgment.

    Without hesitation, they were also pronounced dismissed from the church. The sixty-five polygamists made up their minds to establish a separate organization, bearing a month after their expulsion a new church; United African Methodist Church was born. Loko according to Aiyegboyin and Ishola: Was opposed to polygamy, raised the issue of marriage custom over which his predecessors had held their tongues. Aiyegboyin and Ishola further quoted J.

    These Africans believed they were being forced, compelled to heed the call for monogamous marriage as being practiced in the European culture. Many of them, after they had become knowledgeable in the reading of their vernacular bible discovered to their shock that nearly all the biblical patriarchs were polygamous. Nathaniel I Ndiokwere summed up the manner the Europeans imposed monogamous marriage on Africans in his book Prophecy and Revolution.

    Polygamist with their families could not be received into the Church, and were often not given Christian burial. Baptism was used as bait in cajoling the Africans to yield to the pressure of monogamous marriage.

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    Baptism was taught as sacrament, and an ordinance of necessity needed to make heaven. The sure bet was that, the fear of losing heaven was enough to make those Africans succumbed and toed the path of monogamy. This group of polygamists has no choice but gather together to form separate organizations through which they can serve God both in spirit and in truth.

    The Ethiopian and Indigenous movements were the answer.


    In Yoruba land there were about four indigenous churches which sprouted up in reaction to the religious compulsion of the European missionaries36 in which three of them till today permit polygamous marriages. These churches today have branches worldwide. The church is fundamental to the core. They adopted the monogamous marriage of the mission churches and even go beyond. The church according to Aiyegboyin and Ishola: Monogamy, within the context of holy wedlock celebrated in the church is recommended to every member.

    Divorce for married couples is disallowed unless on the ground of adultery and such divorcees forfeit the right to subsequent remarriage. This contributed to the fundamentalist stance of the church.

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    Many couples in this church were forced to remain together even though their marriage is no longer rosy, because they knew if they eventually find the means to divorce, to remain a member or church officer within Christ Apostolic Church C. This church also compels its members to adhere to the Article 12 of the C.

    Tenets which states that: Divine Healing through obedience to the command of our Lord Jesus Christ and Faith in His name and merits of His blood for all sickness, disease and infirmities38 This is another dimension in which some members of the Church feel they were being compelled to adhere to.

    In those days, members were discouraged from going to the hospital for treatment and the church rejected the use of both traditional and modern medicine, a practice still being observed till today, though members based on their own discretion can now visit the hospitals. Alokan, Alabi and Babalola no doubt have this to say: The youths at the local level did not help matters as they campaigned against the teachings of the church on divine healing and against church restrictions of students in higher institutions of learning from studying courses related to medicine, law and banking and finance.

    Their protest serves the evidence that the youths have been compelled to go against what they considered reasonable and worth engaging on in this generation. However all the effort of the Church was to guide against belittling the standard of the church on Divine Healing. Were the hospitals not emptied in the days of Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola and the sick in the hospitals brought before the Church for healing?

    Aiyegboyin and Ishola were very close to the task this research prepares to dusk off, however a bulk of their work is historical. God may be saying something new through such movements.

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    The whole world has come to know that God was involved in the Protestant movement, and the subsequent Radical Reformation; the movements that received bitter persecutions by the then Church-powers that be43 In the light of these views one can say the authors though have written much and were bit by bit close to the target of this research, yet some gaps remain unfilled.

    Truth stands out clear from error. Whoever rejects evil and believes in God hath grasped the most trustworthy handhold that never breaks. However, there were other versions to this story because according to Islamic theologians and scholars this revelation is still under debate.

    Umar b. History has revealed that Umar b. The Christians wrote letter to ratify their agreement to the dhimma pact before the caliphate.

    Nigerian Spokesman 1964-65

    The covenant of Umar stipulated the following legal details expected from the Christians in guarantee of safety: 1. Buildings which fall into ruin should neither be restored by the day nor by the night. Christians should open their doors to strangers; people passing by and to travelers who may need their help, Muslims who stop at their places should be lodged and fed for three days.

    Christians must harbor no spy in their churches or homes 5. Christians must hide no plot of harm from the Muslims. Christians must neither display their religion nor invite others to join it. Christians must not prevent their relatives from joining Islam if he wishes. Christians must respect Muslims and unseat for the Muslims if they wish to sit down. Christians must neither speak as Muslims do, nor use their surnames.

    Christians must not use saddles in riding. Christians must not wear swords or possess or carry any arms. Christians must not use Arabic letters on their signet rings. Christians must not sell alcoholic drinks.

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    Christians must clip their hair from covering their foreheads. Christians must keep to the same dress wherever they are and must wear belt. Christians must not display crosses or books on the roads or at the markets. Christians must not read their lessons loudly when Muslims are about.

    Proverbs and Quotes of Chukwuemeka E.O Proverbs and Quotes of Chukwuemeka E.O
    Proverbs and Quotes of Chukwuemeka E.O Proverbs and Quotes of Chukwuemeka E.O
    Proverbs and Quotes of Chukwuemeka E.O Proverbs and Quotes of Chukwuemeka E.O
    Proverbs and Quotes of Chukwuemeka E.O Proverbs and Quotes of Chukwuemeka E.O
    Proverbs and Quotes of Chukwuemeka E.O Proverbs and Quotes of Chukwuemeka E.O
    Proverbs and Quotes of Chukwuemeka E.O Proverbs and Quotes of Chukwuemeka E.O
    Proverbs and Quotes of Chukwuemeka E.O Proverbs and Quotes of Chukwuemeka E.O

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