Materials and Acoustics Handbook (Iste)

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Materials and Acoustics Handbook (Iste)

He received his doctoral degree in mechanical engineering work on the electrostatic modification of the mechanical properties of structures in and his Masters degree in materials science from ETH Zurich in with work performed at the University of Reading on mechanical properties of genetically modified tobacco plants. His scientific work from to was focused on the development of magnetic methods for the non-destructive evaluation of large diameter steel cables. Since he has been working on variable stiffness and variable damping structures based on electrostatic mechanical coupling of interfaces.

His current activities span devices based on different types electromechanical coupling, with focus on vibration damping and adaptive structures, and structured material metamaterials, phononic crystals for wave propagation control. Since he is a Lecturer at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering, where he teaches a course on adaptive materials for structural applications.

Materials and Acoustics Handbook - ISTE

Richard Craster:. Jean-Philippe Groby:. It is now widely accepted that structured materials exist in nature for optical or electromagnetic purposes, while being multifunctional. In acoustics and elasticity , some structures are bio-inspired or human-modified but no natural acoustic metamaterial has yet been found to the author's knowledge.

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In this presentation, two structures will be investigated as possible candidates for natural acoustic metamaterials: straw balls, used for centuries as building materials mainly for thermal and acoustic insulation, and Aegagropilae, also known as posidonia balls. His research focuses on the design, characterization and application of complex structures primarily for the control of audible sound, e.

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He has co-authored 2 book chapters and over 80 research articles, and is also co-inventor of 2 patents. Jensen Li:. Angela Madeo:. In this talk, I will show how the relaxed micromorphic model, which I have contributed to pioneer, can be used to describe the dynamical behavior of anisotropic mechanical metamaterials. I will show to which extent the proposed model is able to capture all the main macroscopic dynamical characteristics of the targeted metamaterials, namely, stiffness, anisotropy, dispersion and band-gaps.

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Create account. The difficulties of applying metamaterial ideas in the context of the full elastic equations will be discussed together with the potential and possible applications.

Topological ideas have recently come to the fore in classical wave systems where ideas based upon concepts from topological insulators have become popular, here we will discuss their possible application to wave guiding and beam splitting in elastic systems. He has been at Imperial since apart from holding a distinguished chair in Alberta, Canada, returning to become Head of the Mathematics Department at Imperial.

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The network www. It consists of 12 Special Interest Groups which cover a majority of acoustics related research in the UK. Since its start in November and with under his co-leadership the EPSRC UK Acoustics Network has organised and run around 30 networking events which brought together and connected hundreds of people working in acoustics in industry and academia in the UK.

Materials and Acoustics Handbook

He has written over research articles, has an h-index of 45 according to google scholar , across a wide range of engineering, physics and mathematics, and has a wide range of collaborators nationally and internationally with several of the theoretical metamaterial designs now being built by experimental groups. Ammar Grous. Regis Blondeau.

Jean Salencon. Sylvie Pommier.

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New Releases. Description Written by a group of acoustics and vibration specialists, this book studies the acoustic and vibrating phenomena that occur in diverse materials used for all kinds of purposes. The first part studies the fundamental aspects of propagation: analytical, numerical and experimental. The second part outlines industrial and medical applications. Covering a wide range of topics that associate materials science with acoustics, this will be of invaluable use to researchers, engineers, or practitioners in this field, as well as students in acoustics, physics, and mechanics.

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    Materials and Acoustics Handbook (Iste) Materials and Acoustics Handbook (Iste)
    Materials and Acoustics Handbook (Iste) Materials and Acoustics Handbook (Iste)
    Materials and Acoustics Handbook (Iste) Materials and Acoustics Handbook (Iste)
    Materials and Acoustics Handbook (Iste) Materials and Acoustics Handbook (Iste)
    Materials and Acoustics Handbook (Iste) Materials and Acoustics Handbook (Iste)
    Materials and Acoustics Handbook (Iste) Materials and Acoustics Handbook (Iste)
    Materials and Acoustics Handbook (Iste) Materials and Acoustics Handbook (Iste)
    Materials and Acoustics Handbook (Iste) Materials and Acoustics Handbook (Iste)

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