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Life in movement Four-channel hearing solutions.

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For those who value their time Two-channel trimmer-programmable module hearing solutions. Our engineers developed a special hearing aid holder for those wearing glasses too. You can use our holders with virtually any glasses out there, shades or spectacles alike.

Our advantages: — discretion — aesthetics — comfort Not wearing your glasses?

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Take the hearing aid out from the holder and wear it like you normally would. Precise sound localization. Our services are fully guaranteed, meaning we are committed to listening to your concerns, and your technology is always perfectly fit to renew your world of hearing. The team at Burgess Hearing Aids is dedicated to making the most out of your experience with us.

We have a caring provider, state-of-the-art technology, and a variety of services to help change your life. Request a Call Back. Our discreet invisible-in-the-canal hearing aid offers a secure fit and advanced noise-processing technology, making it ideal for life on the go. Sleek and subtle, this completely-in-the-canal technology is molded to the contours of your ear for a superior fit that offers a natural look and hearing experience.

With a discreet, glasses-friendly fit and external controls, our in-the-canal technology is the perfect piece to complement your lifestyle.


Our in-the-ear hearing aids are custom molded for you and are powerful and comfortable, allowing for all-day use. Reliable and convenient, the receiver-in-canal device has a lightweight feel and a flexible fit, and it is among our most popular systems.

Hearing aids

Our behind-the-ear technology puts you in control with customizable fit options, wireless connectivity, and easy volume control. Going to Burgess Hearing Aids was the best experience I have ever had. David is an amazing Audiologist and a great person.

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  5. He fitted me with my first ever hearing aid at the age of I have profound hearing loss in my right ear. While he was adjusting my aid to my needs, he rustled some paper on his desk.

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    I could hear it clearly and it brought tears to my eyes. Great Doctor and a great person indeed. It's so hard to find someone of his caliber in this field.


    Thank you! Please answer the question below to the best of your ability. After you choose your answer, the next question will appear. At the end of the survey, you will be provided with a score, and you may send this score to us so we may discuss any hearing loss issues you are having. Do you have trouble following a conversation when two or more people are talking at the same time? Do you have trouble hearing conversations in a noisy background such as a restaurant or a group gathering? You are not experiencing common signs of hearing loss.

    Hearing aid

    However, if you suspect you may have hearing loss or are experiencing other symptoms not listed here, please contact our office for a consultation. It appears you may be experiencing signs of a hearing loss. A hearing test can help detect early signs. We recommend contacting our office to schedule a hearing test. Your responses indicate that you are experiencing common signs of a hearing loss. We recommend that you contact us to set up an appointment for a hearing test.

    You are experiencing many signs of a hearing loss. It is highly recommended that you contact our office today for an appointment to meet with a hearing professional.

    Enjoy a Day Trial Period! Hearing Survey Take our hearing health survey and start your journey to better hearing!

    Hearing Aids Hearing Aids
    Hearing Aids Hearing Aids
    Hearing Aids Hearing Aids
    Hearing Aids Hearing Aids
    Hearing Aids Hearing Aids
    Hearing Aids Hearing Aids
    Hearing Aids Hearing Aids
    Hearing Aids Hearing Aids

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