Emotions Of Love (A Collection of Poems)

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“My heart is a shadow, a light and a guide. Closed or open… I get to decide.”

It shouldn't be so self consuming and agonizing.

Hearth touching video- "Poem-Emotions-Love-Orphans" (Koi inse sikhe)

You put me through this emotionally draining cycle almost every day. It goes like this: you get provoked and infuriated, I push to defend myself, you argue then neglect me, I feel at fault and withdrawal myself, you manipulate and guilt trip me, I apologize, you are apologetic yet unlawfully canny, I build you back up. After the cycle, You are left feeling complete yet I am left with an ample void.

Channeling Emotion: One Way to Make Poems out of Feelings

After the cycle, your integrity, contentment, and overall mind set, are surely enhanced and amplified I am left with an everlasting void that expands through every small dispute you guilt trip me after every single fight, saying you aren't worthy of me, that you aren't good enough. I can't let you think that, so I fix your thoughts. It's so tiring. I'm trapped. I care about you, so how could I leave.

But even if i wanted to, I couldn't there are barriers. I cant risk these things. I feel trapped. But i love you, so its okay. Jason Drury Feb A book. If I gave you my soul, would you read each page? Scribble notes of interest and know me. Would you take the time, to help tape the seams? Would you mend, the fragility of my soul? It tears and rips, easily, emotionally. Zion Jameel Nicholai Samuel Jul Emotionally Weak. Emotionally weak to an emotional peak, Love is so sweat but yet so deep. How to love and beloved by a beloved one, Or no wait beloved by one and left lonely.

No fun left desolate in distress with heavy tons, And with a fat crying heart that was left to part coldly. Carter Ginter Oct Learning What Love Means. Love is an interesting feeling And even though I've said it Countless times to many It feels different with them When things are challenging The intensity is palpable Racing hearts Trailing tears Averting eyes Yet still we hold on Emotionally and physically Wrapped into each other Until the storm passes and It transforms from Seemingly impenetrable clouds Pouring rain upon us To a faint and fading mist Haloed by the sun And we realize that Together We are strong and Individually We are stronger still Whether staring into their eyes As we wrestle Or catching the others' tears Through painful conversations and Anxiety-provoking confrontations Every moment with them Shows me why I'm here Why nothing else worked out Through all of the bad days and Complicated miscommunications I see them more clearly I feel their soul more acutely And I fall in love with them Over and over again.

N Nov Past Love. I should hate you. I should be angry because you like her and not me. I should be angry because of how you only gave me attention when you wanted something from me. How I gave you my trust, love, and heart and you broke all three at once. How you emotionally abused me, manipulated me and had no respect for me. I should be angry that you gave me hope for a future that you know I most desperately desired.

That you made me think it would happen but you cheated countless times, and whenever somebody better came along, you left me in a heartbeat, like I never meant anything to you. You left me heartbroken. But then I remember the words you said to me, the way you made me feel when the cold weather and cloudy skies were around, and all those horrible memories of you fade away.

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My god, I wish I didn't have to love you the way I do, but I find it impossible to stop. It took everything in me to delete those pictures of you where we both looked so happy. It took everything inside me to accept that you don't need me, you never did. You don't miss me. You don't care about me the slightest bit.

You don't even want me. But I realized that you were all I thought of, sober or not. Because my heart kicked you out, so you just moved straight into my mind. Carter Ginter Mar I throw everyone aside As though I can survive on my own; I try to hard to restrain what's inside, Forcing myself to suffice all alone. Lately I feel near to nothing, Only anger and emptiness within me, Yet equally I feel almost everything Emotionally only, not physically.

I have a really bad habit of pushing my fiends away and also a self harming issue and i am trying to stop doing making those kinds of decisions. Hold Me Close.

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Nestled high in her loft, she curls into a C, snuggling against my chilled skin, a tranquil warmth pulling our bodies together like a puzzle, the perfect fit. My arm wraps up around her waist and she hugs it to her chest, holding on as if in fear of losing our reality. A stir in the night immediately awakens me to ensure her security, both physically and emotionally. If all is well, an electrifying kiss and hopes of sweet dreams.

However, if something is off, maybe an unusual distance, as I can usually sense, I offer my whole self and attention to help soothe her beautiful mind. But some people try, and may we add, get really close at describing the whirlwind of emotions that it is. Nikita Gill is one such person, who not only sums up this complex feeling through her beautiful poetry but also gives us an insight into this roller coaster ride of falling-in-love-to-getting-hurt-to-giving-up to-letting-it-go-to-loving-yourself-again-to-finally-being-yourself-and -not-being-ashamed-of-it.

Each of her poetry talks about different phases of love and how to cope when things go down the drain. We bring you 27 of her best lines that talk about first love, true love, dealing with monsters, coping with heartbreak, suffering in silence and much more:.

Emotions Love Poems - Love Poems and Poets

We'd like to show you notifications for the latest news and updates. You can manage them any time from your browser settings. Its easy to see why it is so loved—powerful, sensual, undeniably passionate. These works were scandalous when originally published in the s, but are truly a perfect balance of the emotional and the physical.

Though western readers may be unfamiliar, these two women are historic figures in Japanese poetry. Hirshfield herself is an accomplished poet and her translations of this stirring poetry are carefully and beautifully crafted. Carson has included footnotes and appendices, but the poetry itself is presented in a simple, beautiful style. Even in pieces, Sappho is a master of love poetry. Oliver published her first poetry book in , won the Pulitzer Prize in , and has produced many books and collections since. Fans and newcomers alike will be moved by her candor.

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His work is, by turns, soaring and heartbreaking. In particular, he captures the conflict and confusion that can accompany being a young gay man. These are the kind of poems you can read again and again and always see something new. Jordan presents not only the excitement and joy of love but also the pain and anger that can come when love faces rejection. Everyman Anthologies are well known, and for good reason. This collection covers the essential love poetry from across the globe.

This is perfect for anyone just starting to read love poetry or who wants to have all their favorite verses in one place. This collection will shatter any notion that love poetry books are all stuffy, chaste, bore-fests.

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From ancient Egypt to modern America, these works show that poets have always been some of the sexiest, edgiest writers in the world.

Emotions Of Love (A Collection of Poems) Emotions Of Love (A Collection of Poems)
Emotions Of Love (A Collection of Poems) Emotions Of Love (A Collection of Poems)
Emotions Of Love (A Collection of Poems) Emotions Of Love (A Collection of Poems)
Emotions Of Love (A Collection of Poems) Emotions Of Love (A Collection of Poems)
Emotions Of Love (A Collection of Poems) Emotions Of Love (A Collection of Poems)

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