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When God creates, he makes things that are then able to re-create other things like themselves. In the Genesis account of creation, God made plants that contained seeds to produce more plants just like them. He created animals to reproduce after their own kind, and he created humanity with a mandate to fill the earth.

Jesus has said that he will build his church Matthew , and he is continually going about the work of strengthening and spreading his church. When thought of from this perspective, the church should be seen as universal.

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It is the community of all believers across the world - past, present and future. The way Jesus builds this is through the reproduction of local churches. At the beginning of his ministry, Jesus called his disciples to follow him.

Understanding Church Planting - Aubrey M. Malphurs and Jeff Harris

For three years they lived in community with one another, sharing in the mission, being welcoming to those outside, praying and worshipping together and teaching about the kingdom of God. After Jesus rose from the dead and ascended to heaven, he poured out the Holy Spirit on his followers.

Peter preached a sermon explaining all that had happened and thousands of people got saved. This could have been an administrative headache for the apostles. They now needed a strategy to care for and lead thousands of new converts.

Their answer was straightforward; they did the same things in the early Jerusalem church that Jesus had done with them. Through persecution , these believers were scattered, and yet they continued doing the same things in the towns and cities that they arrived in. New churches were started throughout Judea and into Samaria. One prominent member of the church in Jerusalem was an apostle named Barnabas, and he was sent by the church to visit a group of believers that had arisen amongst Greek speakers in the city of Antioch.

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There, Barnabas joined forces with another apostle named Paul, and the leaders of the Antioch church were led by God to send Barnabas and Paul off to start new church communities in other places. What would you like to know about this product?

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    Church Planting for Reproduction

    A Thorn in My Flesh. Church Planting Made Easy. Church Planting: Laying Foundations.

    Church Planting For Reproduction Church Planting For Reproduction
    Church Planting For Reproduction Church Planting For Reproduction
    Church Planting For Reproduction Church Planting For Reproduction
    Church Planting For Reproduction Church Planting For Reproduction
    Church Planting For Reproduction Church Planting For Reproduction
    Church Planting For Reproduction Church Planting For Reproduction

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