America: Drowning in the Politics

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He either has no morals about lying for money, or else he's absolutely insane. Clownballs writers have their tongues so far up Trump's asshole that they can taste the hamberders before he even swallows them.

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Clown Hall. The comments are so much better than the articles. I never bother to click on the link. I just read the comments. Besides which, I would hate the thought that I had generated any revenue for the Hall of clowns. Once he opens his mouth even he is not sure what's going to come out. Anything that he thinks will get applause or that tells people how wonderful he is. Other than that, there's no there there. There are lies everywhere. Its tough to know what to believe. It's more that the left uses words like "racist" so much that the terms are getting watered down.

Now anytime I hear a Dem accusing somebody of bigotry or any of their other go-to words I just kind of ignore it. It's lost all meaning from being over used to describe anybody who holds a differing opinion.

Honestly, you judges accuse homicidal madmen of "murder" so much that the term has been watered down and I'm just going to ignore it yawn The difference being that people who aren't in any way racist are getting called that regularly. What makes you such an authority on racism? When a guy says go "back to your country" to an American citizen who is a person of color, that guy is a huge fucking racist, and if you support that guy you are too.

Who determines what isn't racist? For example I think trump's comments calling the caravan an invading horde is obviously racist, trump probably disagrees. Imo if someone is accused of being racist, they should explain why they said it that way and why they don't think it was racist instead of just saying "I'm not racist". That isn't something that the speaker can really determine about themselves.

'Heartbreaking' border drowning photo causes outrage at Trump administration | SBS News

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Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? Just make sure everyone stays aboard the MAGA train. Alas, their memes were never as funny and their fake news was never as convincing. Thus did Elizabeth Warren write in a slightly hypocritical Facebook ad:.

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We need to break up the three big tech companies that dominate the internet, stifle competition, and influence how our democracy works. Destroying Google would empower Bing and Yahoo, which are owned by Microsoft and Verizon, respectively.

Drowning in the Internet’s Political Sewers

And what does she imagine will succeed the social media giants? A more open-concept Facebook?

A less politicized Twitter? Twitter and Facebook, but with pictures instead of words? In fact, it only gets worse. I went into all of this in greater detail in my recent Luddite manifesto , but it bears repeating: social media acts like a poker machine. These sites change your brain chemistry to produce psychological cravings. We get high off the anger and hatred. We lose our capacity for empathy.

America: Drowning in the Politics America: Drowning in the Politics
America: Drowning in the Politics America: Drowning in the Politics
America: Drowning in the Politics America: Drowning in the Politics
America: Drowning in the Politics America: Drowning in the Politics
America: Drowning in the Politics America: Drowning in the Politics

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